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Noel Christopher    01 April 2008 09:02 | Newnan
Wow, looks great guys. I like the hair dos over the years. Time for a trim. Come see me. Love you, Noel

Harald Rogne    31 March 2008 15:33 | Sykkylven, Norway
Gigi, Cassidy and Scott,

Greetings from Norway, and congratulations with your new web site!

I really liked the old one, but this one is even better. Iím not surprised though, since Iíve been fortunate enough meeting you all!

I havenít forgotten when I flew the DC11 with Cassidy as co-pilot either.

Hope we can meet again soon!


Meghan Kirk Palmer    26 March 2008 20:38 | Ball Ground, GA

The new website looks amazing, and you should be very proud of all that you have accomplished!! I miss you and I hope to see you soon!


Dee Gutekunst    25 March 2008 22:27 | Nazareth, PA
Hi Gigi, Thank you for all the great years at Bit by Bit farm.
You have taught Kara & I so much about horses. I loved the picture of Kara on Frankie. Tell Scott he did a great job on this website. Love you & miss you,

Carol Alford    25 March 2008 11:43 | Montgomery Alabama
Scott and Gigi, It seems like only yesterday that Cassidy was foraging for carrots in my garden to feed the horses participating in our MADCTA clinic. Gigi, I enjoy your comments and words of wisdom on the Ultimate Dressage website and also like to check out what's new on your website. I hope to catch up with you the next time you come to Susan Wainwright's farm for a clinic. - Carol

Melody Kirkland    24 March 2008 09:48 | Macon, GA
Hey Gigi! Your new site is great! I miss you dearly. You are truly an amazing instructor, trainer, and friend. I hope all is well.
Hello to Scott and Cassidy!


Tracy Rowe McEwan    24 March 2008 08:36 | Michigan
Gigi, I am so glad that we got to meet in person and on UDBB... you have been a huge inspiration to me..Keep up the good work and remember, there is always someone cheering you on here in Michigan!!

Jennifer Hodgson-Koz    24 March 2008 08:35 | Douglasville, GA
Gigi, the new look is awesome! Jeramiah and I miss coming down to see you. His eye is healed up, and now I'm pregnant! We are doing light riding, but this little one growing inside me has been keeping me very sick. I hope to start up lessons again shortly! Stay well and see you soon.

Ulla Strickland    24 March 2008 08:20 | Sharpsburg, GA
Gigi, Scott & Cassidy,

What a great website, especially the first page! Gigi, I would never have gotten this far with my horses without your knowledge and understanding - and the occasional kick in the rear ;-). I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to work with you. Can't wait for my next lesson. Thanks!


Valerie Swygert    24 March 2008 08:16 | Aiken, SC
I enjoyed viewing your new site! I have watched Gigi riding for over ten years and am always impressed; she inspires me. Particularly notable for the whole Nutter family is your ever-present smiles & good attitudes- sometimes a well-needed thing at shows where people can get entirely too stressed (:. I love seeing Cassidy at the shows! She sure is growing up into a lovely young lady.

Denise Lawson    24 March 2008 07:50 | Newnan, Ga
Site looks great. Gigi, your respect and understanding of the horse has always been top notch and it shows. Though I haven't had a lesson in years I can always think back and work through most problems by thinking to myself "What would Gigi do"- and that would be not getting mad at my horse, but rather finding out what I am doing to cause this behavior...
take care,
Denise & Lester

Tess Vanattia    23 March 2008 23:23 | Blue Ridge, GA
Great new site, packed with awesome info!
I didn't know you homeschool. Me TOO!

Debi Kirkland    23 March 2008 20:41 | Forsyth, Georgia
This is great Gigi. I can't believe Cassidy is so grown up. I still see her riding Caitlin who was blessed to spend her retirement being loved by one little girl after so many years having to teach dozens. Reading your notes reminds me of those many hunter and dressage shows where I tried to balance students with my own daughter Melody. Those were special times I will never forget including the many trips to your farm for lessons.

Jim Hoey    23 March 2008 20:41 | pittsburgh pa
FRAULIEN!! congrats to U and Scott and Cassidy!! the new website is awsum

Holly Jedlicka    23 March 2008 18:44 | Ohio
Love the website! It sure says it all!

Deb Bond    23 March 2008 17:49 | Pen Argyl, PA
Gigi, you ROCK! I have pics of most of the old school horses from BBB. I'll try to find them and email them soon! I hope all is well! Love, Deb Bond

PS, Hi Everyone!!!

Susanne Lauda    23 March 2008 16:36 | Marietta, GA
Hello Gigi and Scott,
Your new website is really nice, reflecting Gigi's life as it revolves around horses and their human companions.

Bran Plunkett    23 March 2008 16:28 | Senoia GA
Great new website! Hope you all are well and enjoying the spring weather....

Letitia Sweet Grittm    23 March 2008 15:47 | Kaneohe Hawaii moving to Ft Bragg NC!
Love the site. I was excited to see the progress with Legacy and Cassidy riding him. That step in both of their lives must really move you.
Mr Glittered Bonanza "Gadget" is doing well and will be moving with me to NC. I still have HOPE for him yet.

Ashley Randall    23 March 2008 15:11 |
Oh GiGi! I love the new website! You did so much for me as a rider and a person and I am forever indebted to you... I smiled as I read your journal entry about rogue horses. I am still throwing my heart over the fence just as you taught me to!

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