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Regina DeFeo    29 June 2016 02:49 | Sunland CA
Hi Gigi -

I have been thinking about you so much recently I had to write and tell you what an inspiration you were to me when I was growing up and what fond memories I have of riding in Pocono Manor, at Flo's and at Hob Nob Hill. I have a daughter now who loves riding her 17'2 Westphalian. I always tell her stories of my experiences growing up riding and how I had the BEST trainer ever! Thank you so much for the amazing memories! I wish you all the best! If you ever speak to Little Gigi please tell her I say "Hi"! All the best always, Regina

Robin Pressley    17 April 2015 12:30 | Newnan, Georgia
Being one of Gigi's students has been a highlight of my life! I did not starting riding until my 30s and then, ten years later, I was able to purchase an amazing retired Grand Prix school master. I found myself going from First Level to Fourth Level in the blink of an eye. But just as quickly I found myself stuck at Prix St. George's. Riding became frustrating as I was on my own trying to figure things out; my training was reactive instead of proactive. My very first lesson with Gigi turned this all around! She is proactive in her training approach and focuses on the timing of aids with specific movements of the horse. She also has a gift for noticing subtle deficiencies in both horse and rider, enabling the rider to correct their position and to help the rider correct the horse-setting both horse and rider up for success. Finally, riding is a great joy again!

Laurie Wilson    22 November 2013 14:56 | Powder Springs
Gigi doesnt judge a book by its cover. Three years ago, two dressage misfits - a 45 year old woman in a western saddle with a racking horse /QH began working with GiGI. We are now schooling 4th level! Gigi has an amazing ability to ride through you, noticing the slightest hindrances in your aids. She also has a wealth of patterns and exercises to bring out the best movement in your horse!! Bring whatever horse and enough heart and GiGi will transform you both!

Nancy Murray    14 October 2013 18:25 | Chester NS
You inspire so many of us! Love the KM inspirations, as well.

Jonelle Boncher Metz    03 May 2013 20:29 | Lancaster PA
Hi Gigi! You'll never remember me...but I never forgot you. I rode for a short time at Hob Nob Hill in the 80's. I was not able to continue taking lessons when my parents divorced, but I always cherished my memories of you, Dolly, Pepper, & Benjamin! Thank you for being such an inspiration in my life. Jonelle Boncher Metzler

Tree Schmid    23 November 2012 23:15 | Evergreen, CO
Hi GiGi! Remember me? My friend, Sharon and I took lessons from you at Bit By Bit Farm! I was living in Phillipsburg, NJ at the time. I still remember riding and jumping my favorite horse there, Lana, was it? Just wanted you to know I am still riding, doing some Beginner Level Eventing, and still taking Jumping lessons! Let me know if you ever hold a Clinic in CO! I'll be there!
Tree Schmid

Lisa Aikman-Mertz    13 April 2012 14:29 | Parker CO
Hi GiGi,
I have thought of you so many times in all these years. I wish I were close to ride with you again. Thank you for being the influence in my life that you were! I wish my kids could have ridden with you. BTW, I have a Cassidy too. And I have enjoyed the website.

Audrey Santa Lucia (    10 May 2011 18:36 | Monroe NJ
Hello Gigi!
I have wondered where you were and saw an article in Warmblood magazine. I am hoping you may remember one of your early students at Hob Knob and South Forty. I enjoyed catching up on your life through this great website. You have always been a a big influence on my riding as I went into combined training. If you come this way, I'd love to clinic with you again. We have a couple parallels in our lives. My son (Trevor) was born in 1995 and my young mare got EPM in 2004. Well, my son is soon to be 16 and showing Children Adult jumpers and my mare recovered but will never be what she could have been. I love her anyway and work on her jumping anyway. I am exceedingly proud of my son's riding and am a willing groom most weekends! He would also be required to clinic with you!
Keep riding and teaching and enjoying it!

Teresa Lambert    17 March 2011 20:40 | US
I really enjoyed reading about Cassidy as she has grown and matured with her horses

Liz Cornell    22 February 2011 05:30 | United States
I have no idea how I landed on your website, but I truly enjoyed reading some of your personal stories, especially the one about Wendel. Thanks for sharing, and I hope to publish some of your work in Warmbloods Today magazine.

Cathy Gibbs    08 February 2011 15:36 | Luthersville
Gigi.Really enjoyed your sharing your journey with horses.I used to work for Julie.I think she is a great and smart lady.I was the one who delivered Vinny and taught him to lead etc.He was just a special guy right from his first breaths,Julie made an awesome choice with his mama and daddy.I was really happy to hear he was going to be yours.Such a talent needs care and nurturing!All the best to you and those you love with future endeavors!

Moe McCracken    15 January 2011 23:28 | alabama
I very much enjoyed the clinic and plan to atted more at southern comfort farm.

Suzy Harris    23 October 2010 20:15 | Danielsville,Pa
Hey Gigi, Its Suzy Harris thouhgt of you often and always pleasant thoghts. I just met with Willie DeLeyre. His farm is just 4 miles from my home and I will be starting to ride again. I would love to chat with you. You were such an inspiration. So many good memories.

Stacy Heimer Moser    19 January 2010 09:34 | Bushkill township Pa
Hi GiGi, Iam so happy I found u ,I have searched fir u a long time. I will never forget what you did for me for Christmas 1983 ! You wanted to share ur dream of owning a horse and did so by giving me Dewey ! He was the best horse anyone could ever want there will never be another horse like him in my life! He brought such happiness to me and also to my children . I had them on him before they were walking and now 2 out of the 3 have the need to be with horses too . I just can't say thank u enough for all u did for my whole family ! U gave my dad a job when his job folded up and moved out , building stall doors laying carpet and odd jobs. I wish my girls would have got to know u as I did at bit by bit . I know they would love u ! They say some people that walk through ur life leave footprints on ur heart well, I have to say ur footprints were stomped into mine! I will always cherish u and be thankful for all u taught me , thank u. Ur old student in pa. Stacy heimer moser

jackie bolso    13 January 2010 14:08 | Calgary, Alberta, Cda.
I enjoyed reviewing Dressage Today 2008, as I discovered your article on giving to achieve the RightContact and went on to read your career history on this website.
I rode recreationally on western horses from 16-40yrs old and have been riding dressage for the past 12 years. Having a schoolmaster the past year has allowed me to forge ahead and really develop the correct feel/contact. Still hungry to learn more especially since time is relevant and I must do it while I am 'relatively young' I just wanted to say "thank-you" for sharing your story and highlights. I too have noticed a huge difference in teaching styles and my current coaches, Dagmar Fortmuller and Patty Hambling are transforming my riding. All the best to you for 2010.
Jackie Bolso.
Please feel free to contact me if you ever come to Calgary - I train at AspenCreek Training Center which is south of Calgary 5 minutes and only 10 minutes from Spruce Meadows.

tonya    01 October 2009 01:38 | Palmerton,Pa.
Hi Gigi,
I will always remember the Bit by Bit days.Actually, they are the ones I most remember. It was great seeing you and Cassidy at Jane's last year( at least I think it was last year).You told me to keep riding. I still have Dante'. I also acquired a National Show Horse from Nannette a few years ago.I may not be a gold medal winnner or a big trainer, whatever I am I have to give credit and thanks to you for being such an important part of my life.

Kelly Dickens    26 September 2009 17:53 | maryville, TN
Congratulations to Gigi and Cassidy!!! Job well done last weekend!!! Gigi, you better watch out because your girl is right behind you.

Kim    22 August 2009 14:43 | Hob Nob Hill Farm in Easton, Pa
Hello from Hob Nob Hill Farm!

Sharon Phillips    11 July 2009 19:15 | Pennsylvania
Hi Gigi!

I'm so glad to have discovered your website, and it was great hearing from you! Thank you for all your patience and hard work in teaching me; it has made for unforgettable memories.
I'll be sure to keep up on all your news; best of luck to you and your family throughout the rest of the year!


Ray Printz    09 July 2009 14:23 | Spearfish SD
Just diggin up friends
And playing with ponies in nissland

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