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sierra1.jpgRebecca Kemp began riding dressage before I moved to Georgia in 1995. She purchased a young, Swedish mare from Jean Brinkman and successfully started the talented warmblood. The following year I met Rebecca at a local clinic with Jeremy Beale. Afterwards she called and asked if I would take her horse in for training.

Sierra is a big-moving, flashy mare. Even as a youngster her trot prompted “wows” from anyone watching. She is by nature a high strung, nervous type but Sierra also has a terrific work ethic. The early training went well and we started showing First level in the spring of 1997. When I was able to calm her nerves in the show ring, Sierra did well and we took home our share of blue ribbons.

Bill and Rebecca Kemp are wonderful owners and enjoyed the success through the end of the ‘99 show season. Sierra’s competition record is admirable. She was USDF Region III Second level Reserve Champion in 1998 and placed fourth at Third level in 1999. The Swedish Warmblood Association placed her third in the country at Second level in 1998 and fourth in the country at Third level in 1999. Sierra also received her USDF Second and Third level Performance Certificates.

sierra2.jpgAs the training progressed I began to sense a change in Sierra’s attitude. Her normally diligent work ethic started to suffer when more collection was required. I began to sense that she was asking me to stop asking so much. The veterinarians were unable to locate the cause of her gradually intensifying soreness. After the 1999 regional finals the decision was made to let Sierra become a mom.

Having spent my entire life in east Pennsylvania, the move to Georgia was difficult. I had worked over twenty-five years to build a reputation as a rider, instructor and competitor in the Northeast. That history didn’t result in riders beating a path to my door initially. Bill and Rebecca Kemp were the first to bring me a horse for training in Georgia. For taking a chance on the “new trainer in town” I am eternally grateful.
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