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Canadian Way a.k.a. Eggbert "The dressage prospect that led to a wonderful friendship."

canway_1.jpg Horses can hold special meaning in your life for many reasons. Canadian Way marked two unique events in my life. He was the first horse I purchased solely as a dressage prospect and through this sale I met Sally Grayburn. Anyone familiar with the horse business knew Sally from driving, eventing, the Radnor Hunt, or somewhere! While looking for a young horse with dressage potential, Sally contacted me and described a three-year-old, 17.2 hand Thoroughbred at her daughter's farm in Canada. The drive from Allentown to the farm was long but offered us the opportunity to get to know each other. We hit it off right away.

Canadian Way, Eggbert around the barn, was jet black and quite handsome. He had the looks but never demonstrated a talent for dressage. We did well at Training and First level but by then I realized his limitations. Always more of a horse collector than horse trader, Eggbert is also special in that I actually sold him to a client for the hunter ring. Part of the proceeds from that sale went to by my first FEI horse Monarch.

The purchase of Eggbert was only the beginning of my friendship with Sally Grayburn. Our relationship lasted over ten years. She eventually boarded a Russian horse at Bit by Bit Farm and even took a few lessons from me on Monarch.

Everything happens for a reason.

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