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The first youngster I started myself.

Shortly after purchasing Georgie Girl I came across a little appendix filly headed for the auction. Janice and Ray Printz at Mare’s Nest Farm said I could have her for $ 350.00. She was small but cute and I enjoyed to the idea of starting a baby on my own for the first time. At six months old, Phyllis came home with me to Hob Nob Hill.

I had started horses with the help of others many times before. Phyllis took to the longe and saddle well but I soon learned that even a small horse could buck! As she became steadier under saddle I began to school her over fences. At this time I was taking regular instruction from George Morris. As luck would have it, Georgie Girl threw a show the day before the lesson. Anyone who knows George Morris understands that you should not cancel lesson without extraordinary reasons. I decided that I would swallow my pride and haul my 15.1 hand Quarterhorse cross to Pittstown.

As Phyllis and I rode down a long line on the outside course, George stopped me and fired three quick questions. I assumed that Phyllis must have some potential if he was interested.

  • “How old is she?”….”three” I responded.
  • “Where did you find her?”…… “I raised her”
  • “Is she for sale?” ……smiling inside I answered “No.”

George Morris’ instincts were correct. Phyllis went on to will numerous hunter championships. Phyllis always had impeccable form for the hunter ring but the buck she showed me as she was started never really left. She even went on to do some lower level dressage work. When a long-time student’s horse went lame, I decided to let her ride Phyllis. Her winning ways continued until Navicular disease ended her performance career. Phyllis went on to give me three beautiful foals and now enjoys a well deserved retirement with a rider who rode her as a school horse.

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