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It takes one good horse to make a good rider.

When I was about fifteen Howard Lininger offered a piece of advice that has remained with me to this day, “it takes one good horse to make a good rider.” Truer words were never spoken. Pardi Chat entered my life and quickly went on to make me a much better rider.

Carol was the envy of the barn since her family was well-to-do and she had several beautiful horses. In the past I had tried to help Carol with Pardi Chat but she clearly lacked the talent her horse possessed. After a divorce, her parents divorced the family fell on hard times and Carol owed the Liningers $250.00 for back board. Howard and Flo liked me and offered to let me have the horse if I would work off the board bill by teaching as a “junior instructor” in a summer camp. I jumped at the offer.

Talented or not, the animal I purchased was skin and bones and had a nasty puncture wound that required attention. It took months to nurse him back to health but I new there would be a tremendous return for my efforts. Prior to Carol’s ownership, Pardi Chat was a Grand Prix jumper in Canada. I wish I could list his accomplishments but that information didn’t come with the purchase. One interesting fact is Pardi Chat’s brief movie career. He was one of many gray horses used in the Walt Disney film The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit.

His past may have been colorful but what I wanted desperately was a schooled horse. One that would show me what a properly trained, gifted equine athlete could do. Pardi Chat was a confident horse who constantly stayed light and steady. His talent and experience afforded me the opportunity to work on my own form. His consistency taught me pacing and timing.

Pardi Chat and I remained a successful team for four years until he died from a severe colic. He is buried at my parent’s former home in East Stroudsburg.

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