Touch n GO Farm

Whitesburg Georgia

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Gigi has known Jim Hoey since 1973. He came to Hob Nob Hill Farm as a student from Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She trained the school's intercollegiate riding team and Jim was a jumper rider. From that time forward, he supported Gigi in many ways.

Jim became a professional trainer but always stayed in contact with Gigi. Through thick and thin, Jim always found a way to make Gigi laugh. He even worked for Gigi at the original Touch ‘n Go Farm in Bangor, Pennsylvania.

hoeywhitney_small.jpgIn February of 2009, Jim came to Georgia to visit the "fraulein" as he calls Gigi. They spent several days reminiscing and Gigi finally talked Jim into riding Sabia, a 16.3 Lusitano gelding. Without his own riding equipment, Jim donned polo wraps as substitutes for half-chaps. Cassidy enjoyed listening to the "good, old times" stories and learned a lot about her mother's younger, wilder days. Jim teased Gigi about her dressage focus and goaded her into getting back in the jumper saddle. For the next four days, Cassidy and Gigi jumped Vinny and Hannah with Jim cheering from the sidelines. 

E-mails and phone calls will have to suffice until next time. It was great seeing a dear, old friend.

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