Touch n GO Farm

Whitesburg Georgia

February 21, 2008 PDF Print E-mail

Since this is the first entry in my journal, I would like to share with you a thought I wrestled with for the past couple of years. 

Over the years I've used an expression learned from my first teacher, "Throw you heart over the fence".  I did that for my entire riding life, until recently.  ." I have ridden what some called the "rogue" horses in my lifetime.  If they came hard at me, I would go harder at them.   After two major falls in two years, both on young horses, I realized that my mind is stopping my heart from going over the fence.  I am learning that I'm not as agile as I once was, nor do I get up as fast when a horse has unloaded me.  At first, this thought made me want to hang up my spurs. Now, I realize that if I do a bit more thinking and a little less confronting, I can work a horse with me instead of under me.  Part of me thinks that I am using that reasoning as an excuse.  The other part is telling me that I have gained wisdom as a trainer and a better understanding of this great creature. 

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