Touch n GO Farm

Whitesburg Georgia

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My little sis was diagnosed with MS at age thirty-six.
She didn't believe it at first and said, "This I can fix!"
She is a horsewoman, an equestrian, rider, and teacher.
Her students were behind her, at that point her preacher.
They didn't let go and said, "Gigi there is one more show!"
So, Gigi came through just so her students would know
The love and caring she's given to those.
Even though her pain and hurting did show
Each day she battled the MS because her love of people and horses continued to grow.

At age forty her MS was in remission and the pain quite mild.
She and her husband decided to have their first child.
Now their daughter Cassidy is six years old
She is a little "Gigi", so very bright and bold.
With her mother as teacher and guide,
She is learning about horses and how to ride.
Gigi is an inspiration to all those with MS.
You might not be able to beat it, but fight it as best!

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