Touch n GO Farm

Whitesburg Georgia

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I’m Gigi Nutter, professional equestrian and lifelong lover of horses.

The menu to the left provides an opportunity to learn about my personal journey from several perspectives. “Biography” offers both a brief, professional resume as well as an autobiographical look at my career from the beginning to the present. “My Horses” chronologically describes horses that hold special meaning to me including my first mount Tony the Pony and my last Grand Prix partner Fahrenheit. “My Teachers” details my relationship with trainers having the greatest influence on my understanding of horsemanship. “My Students” lists several riders who have achieved success in the competition ring and others who simply reached personal milestones. “Testimonials” affords a page where students and owners can post their personal impressions regarding what it is like to work with me. “Press Articles” contains a collection of relevant published articles while “Prose” lists writings of my own.