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I don't like to admit it but I have never been a big reader. This has generally been due to a lack of free time. However, I do have a wonderful collection of riding books published from 1741 to the present day. I consult them on occasion and I often enjoy reading how another trainer addressed particular situations. I may not always agree with their methods, but I commend anyone who puts their thoughts on paper since it takes considerable time and effort.

From this page you can access a variety of articles written by my students, others and myself. Many topics are covered and opinions exproseed. By no means are they all instructional. The only thing they share in common is some special meaning for me.

Giving to Achieve the Right Contact PDF Print E-mail

As appeared in August 2008 Dressage Today
by Gigi Nutter

In dressage we strive to achieve contact - the connection between the bit and the rider's hands via two pieces of leather, the reins. On a deeper level, contact connects the entire horse from the hind legs to bit and everything in between. Correct contact allows us to feel and receive in our hands the energies that come from the horse's hind legs. The question is, who creates the contact, the rider or the horse?

Aquire Show Savvy PDF Print E-mail

As appeared in February 2003 Dressage Today
by Gigi Nutter

Going down centerline remains just as exciting for me today as it was during my first dressage test in 1976. Over the years, I learned that one aspect of riding can only be developed with experience in the competition ring. I call it "show savvy." Considering that every dressage rider spends hundreds of hours schooling for a relative few seven-minute tests, this savvy takes years to acquire.